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Policy on Environment and Equality







Llancayo House wishes to create a culture where people of all backgrounds and experience feel appreciated and valued. It is totally committed to achieving equality of opportunity in service delivery and employment.


Discrimination on the grounds of race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, gender, marital status, sexuality, disability, age or any other unjustifiable criterion will not be tolerated under any circumstances.


We are opposed to all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination (including harassment of any kind). We will take appropriate action wherever instances of discrimination and harassment occur, both in the delivery of our service, and in the course of employment at Llancayo House. We will strive to develop effective procedures and policies to combat all forms of unlawful discrimination.


We will fulfil our legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010.




Llancayo House’s eco-friendly policy is to constantly look for ways in which we can improve our green credentials. In particular, we will focus on:

➢ Reducing waste;

➢ Re-using materials at every opportunity;

➢ Repair rather then throw away where we can.




As our green culture becomes established and embedded, we aim to:

➢ Encourage our staff, customers and visitors to be responsible, corporate green citizens;

➢ Utilise energies and water sparingly, and consider the environmental impacts in our utilities purchasing strategy;

➢ Endeavour to work, where possible, with partner organisations that share our green values;

➢ Reduce the need for transport and its impacts on the environment;

➢ Operate our business in an as environmentally friendly way as we can.


What we have already done


➢ We re-use or recycle incoming packaging materials (cardboard, polystyrene/cereal based beads, shredded paper, air bags, etc).


➢ We minimise our use of paper. The increasing use of e-mail greatly reduces the amount of paper used in hard-copy correspondence, envelopes and letters. Processing and storing information electronically is also much more energy and carbon efficient than physically sending hard copies.


➢ We use digital photography for the production of marketing materials. This minimises the use of film developing chemicals.


➢ Our consumption of fuel and energy is closely monitored and we take care that it is not wasted through inefficiency or casualness.


➢ We have reduced the amount of our landfill waste by finding ways of recycling waste material, either in-house or through working in conjunction with others who are able to use the material constructively.


➢ We have recycled mobile phones and printer cartridges.


➢ We are ensuring that any new build/refurbishment plans adhere to current environmental standards and energy conservation requirements.


➢ We use low-energy light bulbs throughout the property, and use rain water containers for watering the garden areas where possible.  


➢ We encourage wildlife by using only organic fertilizer and allowing meadows and woodland for their habitat.


➢ We are members of Gwent Wildlife Trust and the RSPB.


➢ We have planted over 800 trees in the past three years and have encouraged our neighbour to plant many additional trees in the adjoining properties since 1999.


➢ We have paid a deposit for solar panels on the roof which will save on electricity.

What we intend to do in the future

➢ We aim to improve the insulation within the Hotel, use a 200-year-old water well as a heat pump, and utilise a ground and air source heat pump.

➢ We will utilise a condensing boiler in the kitchen

➢ We will use a card system in rooms which only allow lights to be switched on when the room is entered and the card is inserted, thus saving electricity.

➢ We will encourage staff, customers and visitors to recycle bottles, plastics and aluminium cans.

➢ We will install multi-functional devices (for faxing, printing and photcopying) in our office that will reduce energy and paper usage.


➢ We will only purchase paper that is FSC accredited.


➢ We will supply recycle bins for our office paper.


➢ We intend to purchase our electricity from suppliers who re-invest in renewable energy sources.


➢ We will use signage to remind staff, customers and visitors to turn off lights when leaving a room, and ask staff to use computers responsibly i.e. turning them off at night and using the stand-by mode during the day.


➢ We will choose our business vehicles with fuel efficiency in mind, and their fuel consumption will be closely monitored.


➢ We will develop local conservation projects that will benefit our staff, visitors and local communities.


➢ We will encourage our business partners to strive for the same high level of environmental care, by offering free environmental training resources.


➢ We will encourage web links to sites promoting sensible and sustainable attitudes towards the environment, renewable energy, etc.


➢ We will deliver awareness programs on green issues and sustainable development to all staff in order to inspire them to reduce their carbon footprint, and encourage them to take action to offset their carbon in innovative ways.


➢ We will work with staff, customers and visitors to participate in environmental projects devised by Llancayo House and its eco-partners.


➢ We will maintain proper footpaths through our grounds which are woodchip based and prevent damage to the garden areas.




Where possible we will choose to source our goods, consumables and other materials from suppliers who operate in an environmentally friendly manner, and who are geographically local to us to reduce delivery miles.


We will continue to support the local Monmouthshire economy, and provide the freshest, organic free range food possible by using seasonal produce.


We aim to serve Fair Trade hot drinks in our dining room and lounge areas.


In addition to using our own orchard produce for fruit, vegetables and honey, and using our own free range hen’s eggs, we will source other organic and free range produce from the following local suppliers who have sent statements confirming they will supply us (see below):


A. Watkins, Park Farm Meats, Llantilio Crossenny, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, NP7 8TD

Lamb, beef & pork, traditionally reared. Home fed on grown feeds; cut up and prepared in the farm butcher's shop.


P.J. Jones, Wi-Wurri, Penwern Lane, Goytre, Monmouthshire, NP4 0AA

Wholesale supplier of fresh fruit & vegetables.


V. Collison, Bower Farm Dairy, Grosmont, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, NP7 8HS

Jersey cream, clotted cream, yogurt and milk from a pedigree Jersey herd. Also Gloucester Old Spot pork.


J. Sullivan, Vin Sullivan Foods, Gilchrist Thomas Industrial Estate, Blaenavon, Torfaen, Monmouthshire

Fish and shellfish.


Tuffs, G. Farmhouse Freedom Eggs Ltd. Great House Farm, Gwehelog, Usk, Monmouthshire, NP15 1RJ

Free range eggs.

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